“What I like about La Bouche first of all is that it looks and feels like a zine rather than a vanity project, plus they’re not afraid to be genuinely critical. I don’t know why it should seem like such a novelty to read the work of writers who can actually write, and who are motivated by a genuine interest in their subject, but La Bouche manages a good mix of art and politics, of information and critique.” The ICA on their first ever ‘Zine of the Month,’ La Bouche.

“There is a genuine honesty to the writing and its graphic presentation in this alternative news and culture zine that …appears both in print and online. I simply like the approach and the interviews – comedy terrorist Aaron Barshack or the Fall’s keyboard player, Elena Poulou are not the usual celebrity suspects.” Teal Trigg’s (author of the recent Thames&Hudson book ‘Fanzines’) talking about her TOP ten, most favourite EVER zines to LOVE magazine. 

Read all our back issues at www.labouchemag.com 

La Bouche is a London-based alternative news and culture online zine and is all about:

* Having a natter with inspirational people who think outside the box and have something to say.. which have included Pete Doherty, John Pilger, The Fall and the Alabama 3.

* Spreading the word from the underground London art, music, poetry n party scene

* Speaking out n having a rant!

We are published both online – http://www.labouchemag.com – as well as  a blog, and as a zine, which you can purchase from the ICA. Over the past couple of years you have found us rocking out at Rough Trade East, The ICA, Mick Jones’ Rock n Roll Book Fair, Hackney Wicked and at our wild ‘Britain’s Rubbish’ art parties. You will be able to buy the zine from our online store soon but in the meantime look out for us at more events…


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  1. Little Man

    This is a great zine!

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