Traffic stopper QC ridicules bogus feminist posturing of Miley Cyrus, Rihanna, Katy Perry and other pop stars in shock BBC stunt

To coincide with London fashion week, satirical punk persona Quilla Constance (aka QC) performed an action-packed guerrilla gig outside BBC Broadcasting House, London. At the entrance to the BBC, QC proceeded to tear apart a collection of glamour and showbiz gossip magazines before metaphorically sending them up (quite literally skywards).

Pictures By Andrew Crowe

QC opened her performance with the following statement:

“I’m gonna spell this one out to you, Cyrus, Rihanna, Azalea, Perry, your so called empowerment, liberation, and freedom of choice simply herald the return of full-‐on objectification and potential re-­subordination of our sex. C.R.A.P. You welcome back to the mainstream a creeping collective acceptance of sexism and normalize the likes of Nuts, Benny Hill and Hugh Hefner. Like a perverse Trojan horse, you endorse the vapid excesses that are Stringfellow, Cowell et al allowing them centre stage once again. It’s high time that you wake up and realise that you’ve betrayed and undermined over a hundred years of equal opps progress; almost at a stroke with your greed and complicity. Next time, before you swing from a wrecking ball in the raw or grab hold of a pneumatic drill with your tits out and resonating to the giant throbbing vibrator, try thinking it through. You idiots, buffoons and fraudsters, don’t you know we write things down and remember them these days?”


Throughout her performance, QC [pictured above] wore an electric pink leotard and a skin tone Lycra catsuit adorned with crudely stitched Nike logos, botched Biro tattoos, toilet rolls, comedy pubic hair and numerous bags of fake drugs. To an amazed audience QC belted out three of her latest satirical pop songs, ‘VJAZZLED’, ‘PR BLITZ’ and ‘I WANNA MARRY A FOOTBALLER’. QC continued her performance to an amused audience outside the Groucho Club, London.

The VJAZZLED video link:

The PR BLITZ video link:

The SNOW DADDY video link:

Quilla Constance Re-title:


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