Mark MacGowan is pushing a pig to Downing Street with his nose

As we write radical artist Mark MacGowan (aka Artist Taxi Driver) is pushing a pig with his nose from Kings Hospital, Camberwell to Downing Street, to express his disgust at the government flogging off parts of our NHS. He says on blog where’s daddy’d pig, “Without a mandate, having concealed their health policy, this Government is giving away NHS contracts to the highest bidder. The tendering of NHS services to private companies is a despicable act. Under the cloak of austerity the primary purpose of this government is to move public money into private pockets, as fast as humanly possible, they are like pigs at the trough of public money. “They” are the ones that are fleecing the public purse, “they are the least amongst us”.

Mark told La Bouche in an interview back in 2009 that he has no problem doing long distance crawls. “I’m really good at crawling. I can do about five miles a day. To me it’s like jogging” he revealed.


Mark MacGowan is well known for his mad art stunts or ‘comments’ as he likes to put it, on current affairs. Some of these have most famously included pushing a monkey nut across town with his nose to protest against student top up fees, leaving a tap running for a year and kicking a crack head around town to highlight their rights. In the last couple of years he has become a YouTube sensation for his wild rants about the Tories.

Get to Downing Street for 6pm to see Mark deliver his pig to number 10.


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