Eccentropedia: The most unusual people who have ever lived.

We don’t really do book reviews, in fact, I don’t think we’ve EVER done one. However, when we heard about ‘The Eccentropedia’ we immediately took to the blog to enthuse about such a prospect.

“Isn’t this fabulous?” We raved. “Don’t you just need to have it? The author [Chris Mikul) has long been banging up zines about the most unusual people that ever lived, and now here it is binded into one big book, thanks to unpopular culture gurus Headpress. We just hope we get an invite to the launch party as there’s absolutely nothing we love more than a room full of eccentrics.”

Anyway, a couple of months later and still no party invite but we did hear the thud of our review copy (yay) and ever since we have been hooked on reading more and more about the world’s weird and wonderfuls.

This is an ironically comprehensive guide of not just the well known eccentircs but the undersexed n the under-rated. The avanteguard, the many occult leaders, radicals and some real freaks also grace the pages, accompanied by some awesome etchings. Mikul has barely left a stone unturned in his quest to document nature’s most ourageous and I couldn’t reccomend a better stocking filler!  Pick yours up here, on Headpress’s site.


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