Some things we kinda really like…

And so we’re back from outta space.. Sorry for the absence, even zine editors have to take a little annual leave here n there.

We have some very exciting posts lined up for you but right now, just  a few things that have caught our eye…

1) This book

Eccentropedia – an A-Z of Eccentrics 

by Chris Micul

Isn’t this  fabulous? Don’t you just need to have it? The author has long been banging up zines about the most unusual people that ever lived, and now here it is binded into one thanks to   unpopular culture gurus Headpress.  We just hope we get an invite to the launch party as there’s absolutely nothing we love more than a room full of eccentrics.

2) This flyer

We  were deeply amused by anti-cool club night ‘Club Cool”s latest flyer, by rock rave band The Coolness.

3) Kindle

What a creation! Writers are bipassing the commercial clutces of literary agents and becoming instantaneous bestsellers! La Bouche will be taking to Kindle to magic up our own downloadable zines in the very near future. We may even be launching our new sister zine ‘Yeah, basically’ by similar means… You heard it here first.


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