Girl suing Government over Corporate Enslavement Scheme

A 22-year old uni graduate is suing the UK Government for being forced to stack shelves at Poundland in return for her JSA.

The geology graduate, Cait Reily who has been signing on whilst job hunting for work in the museum sector, was ordered to accept a two-week placement at Poundland or lose her benefits.

A UK Department for Work and Pensions spokesperson said that it was “simply absurd to suggest that we should not be providing this support and effectively leaving people at home doing nothing.”

However,  Reily was ALREADY volunteering at a museum, and had been doing so since she left Birmingham University.

Her solictitor is now claiming the “forced labour” is in breach of the European Convention on Human Rights.

Through her lawyers she is challenging Government regulations which aim to help people get off benefits and back into the workforce.  The regulations can require long-term unemployed people to undertake up to six months of unpaid work.

Miss Reilly believes the scheme is a form of manual labour and the Government is forcing people to do jobs that are in no way related to what they want to do, giving them no experience for their careers.

LB commends Cait for standing up to the government’s completely unreasonable scheme, which stands to serve nobody but multi-national business’s purposes (as usual).


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