The Final Judgement, John Martin

We whipped into Tate Brit during the hols to see John Martin’s infamous apocalyptic ‘Blockbusters.’ 

It is easy to see why these biblical extravaganzas have been dubbed as such. Firstly, they are as dramatic as they come and are practically exploding with anger, grief, terror, love, evil and glory. Visually, they have a wild 3D depth (e.g the infinite optical vanishing point of the tables and chambers in Belshazzar’s Feast) and are impeccably detailed, although in LB’s humble opinion some figures are a little clunky.

We were basically unsurprised to learn that they have served as the inspiration behind many Hollywood epics such as Lord of the Rings and Ben Hurr.

For La Bouche, we were most drawn to Martin’s vision of Judgement Day, depicted in three huge paintings, whereby life on earth terminates and the sinners plummet into the fires of hell whilst the good guys are rescued by God and float off into heaven. NB: Unfortunately the images are too small to see the figures of the damned and the saved in detail.

To Hell with ya

‘The Last Judgement Triplych’ also really struck us  as it echoed our thoughts expressed our Xmas/New Year’s post where we reflected on how the church has this year had to face up to the immoralities of a world controlled by a corrupted banking system. For who should be clawing the crevices on the way down to hades? Well, asides from the Whore of Babylon, among the world’s ultimate sinners were greedy money lenders clutching their riches as they fell.


Meanwhile, as the naughty ones plummeted under a blood-red moon, off to paradise glided the artists and writers of the world, including Wills (Shakespeare) in his little ruff. La Bouche is really feeling the Age of Aquarius, as you know, however, if this year truly is about the end of mortality then we are not entirely averse to such a turn out of events. LB!


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