Quilla Constance has branded…

If you are struggling for stocking fillers, look no further. Video Artist turned Pop Star Quilla Constance (who has written for and featured in La Bouche) has finally launched her t-shirt range and they can be purchased here.

La Bouche has long been a fan of this avant-guarde leotard encased goddess (the artist formerly knows as Jennifer Allen), and shall be snapping up the new merch which also includes a new QC homeopathic perfume range and origami underwear!

Get some ferocity in your life with these QC tees

Quilla is also currently suing Feedme Music booking promoters, for canceling a double booked gig at Punk Soho, in favor of a dry corporate bash. Having already staged a protest gig outside the venue on the date of her original gig causing much embarrassment for the venue, the court date is now set for January 16th and LB shall be there to cover Quilla’s battle.  Being familiar with the music industry, we know this kind of crap happens  all the time to emerging bands causing them much disappointment and inconvenience but our Quills is not one to take these things lying down…   LB



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2 responses to “Quilla Constance has branded…

  1. Little Man

    Happy New Year La Bouche! Looking forward to your 2012 tweets.

  2. I like this blog very much so much wonderful info.

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